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Jodi Vandenberg-Daves writes about learning to live by loving to run.

Run in the Snow

First run in the snow earlier this week.  Running trails, now matter how many times you’ve run on them, still look, when photographed, like pathways into adventure and mystery. The changing seasons add to the richness of that mystery. Changing seasons … Continue reading

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More Yoga Lessons: Resistance and Creating Space

One important difference between yoga and my running routine is that in yoga, I go to class, and someone tells me what to do for nearly an hour. Sometimes I really welcome that opportunity, a chance to do something that … Continue reading

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Yoga for Runners and Everyone Else

Yesterday I returned my still very stiff and achey body to the yoga mat for 75 minutes of hot yoga, always a daunting challenge and a guaranteed glad-I-did-it experience. I honestly needed that experience much more than I needed to … Continue reading

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Running and Being

Runner’s magazine recently ran a story on the re-issue of a book by someone I’d never heard of. This book is now moving to the top of my to-read list. Dr. George Sheehan was a kind of philosopher of running … Continue reading

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It was a beautiful day for a half-marathon! And we did it! Here are the running buddies before the race: It did not go quite as planned. About 7 or 8 miles in, I got a pain behind my knee … Continue reading

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Race Day Jitters and Thoughts on Luck

This morning as I prepare to run this 13.2 I’m up early, and nervous! Or excited or something. I woke up far too early and couldn’t go back to sleep. Despite all my yammering about how I’m not competitive, I … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Competition

I’m about to run a “race” tomorrow, but to be honest, I’m not very interested in being a competitive runner. I actually don’t think of it as a race as much as my own 13.2-mile run, the culmination of, and … Continue reading

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