It was a beautiful day for a half-marathon! And we did it!
Here are the running buddies before the race:


It did not go quite as planned. About 7 or 8 miles in, I got a pain behind my knee that just got more and more wicked and began to radiate down my calf. I’d only experienced it running one other time, on the last long run of this training, the 12-miler. But this time it plagued me. I had no choice but to walk about the last 5 miles.
I was more attached to the idea that I would run this 13.2 miles than I’d realized. I must have tried 5 or 6 more times to run, but every time, I probably made it less than 100 yards before the pain got too intense. Still, it was an excellent run/walk, and we finished!  There were many moments in that first eight miles when I felt so happy and light that it seemed like I could run forever. Sanna, who thought she’d want me to go ahead by mile four, ran with me until I could run no more, and then walked with me the rest of the way. We talked almost the whole time. In our little world, full of fall colors, water, sunshine, and friendly conversation, the miles flew by quickly, and those last walking miles were just like a gentle stroll. It was the most companionable race I’ve ever “run”/finished.

I gave it one more push for the finish line.



But that was all I had. By the time we left Norwalk, was limping back to the car and have been taking it very slow, and a little painfully, getting around my house since then.
Still, it was all good. Four hours or so of fresh air, getting ready, running, walking, and hanging around for the chicken Q, was a very special way to spend a Sunday morning.
We also appreciated our support crew. My husband’s work schedule as a nurse is pretty set in stone on alternate weekends, so he couldn’t be there, and neither could my daughters. But my sometimes training buddy Brad cheered me on, and also ran the 5K while we were busy on the half-marathon trail.
It was all a lovely ending to a season of running. Next, on to the recovery, and the transition back to a less demanding running routine. I think some muscle-stretching gentle yoga is also on the horizon.


About Jodi Vandenberg-Daves

Jodi Vandenberg-Daves writes about learning to live by loving to run.
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2 Responses to Race!

  1. TartanJogger says:

    Well done for conquering it! A walk/run for 13.1 miles is awesome, especially when you could have just given up!

  2. Thanks! I’m very glad to have completed it, no matter how I got from beginning to end:)

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