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Psyching Myself Up for the Long Run

I have to admit, it’s not just my body that gets a little freaked out by these long runs.  My mind anticipates them with a combination of enthusiasm, anxiety, and sometimes a little questioning as to why in the heck … Continue reading

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Sunday Hike and Run with my Son

Unbelievably, my 13-year-old son, who tends to like to escape both physically and emotionally from everyone these days, agreed to do a hike with me this past Sunday.  Like so many kids his age, he seems to only want to … Continue reading

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Running Injuries: Potential Show-Stoppers and Powerful Teachers

I made it to eight miles!  This half-marathon training thing feels real now.  I’m continuing to stick to my training routine, made easier by September with its back-to-school embracing of rules for living, times for getting up, times for work, … Continue reading

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Early September

I hear my blog needs some photos, and yesterday was such a photo op kind of running day! I played hooky for a couple of hours and drove out to my friend’s farm to take a 4.5 mile run, feed … Continue reading

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Spicing Up My Relationship with Running

My relationship with running is special.  But it’s also like every other significant relationship in my life.  The experience of joyful union comes and goes.  Feelings wax and wane.  The relationship needs to be coaxed along sometimes.  Things get dull, … Continue reading

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